Stories about history are dangerous

9 thoughts on “Stories about history are dangerous”

  1. Thanks for this post Chris. It does help me get a better understanding of where you are coming from, and what to expect in future posts, or at least how to interpret them.
    I am reading a Canadian History textbook and this post will mean I continue reading but perhaps with a different mindset.
    Are you familiar with Philippa Gregory? She writes historical novels, primarily about the Tudors. They must be written in the Historical Narrative format and make for wonderful reading.

  2. Good post Chris, this is a very thoughtful post about perspective and context. Especially the ‘progress’ narrative.

  3. I read that farbecause your writing compelled me to do so. You’ve probably already seen this, but just in case, check out the TED Talk, The Danger of a Single Story. Pretty good.
    Keep those stories coming. We love them.

  4. I have just been catching up on your posts. This one really hit home as I am a clergy person who tries to both bring the stories of the Bible alive but also to keep them in the context of their times. Too many people cherry pick verses and stories and transport them to their own times with no understanding of the background and historical setting, Also every author or scribe puts their own bias into their writing depending on whom they want to influence and what the breakdown of their audience is based on gender, ethnic background, cultural norms etc. I believe the saying that “history is written by the victors”. We are fortunate if we ever have a chance to hear or read the version by the degeated.

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