Operation Fish: The secret plan to hide Britain’s gold in Canada

7 thoughts on “Operation Fish: The secret plan to hide Britain’s gold in Canada”

  1. Fascinating! So the gold did get returned, right ???? And there are no wrecks containing millions in gold on the bottom of the Atlantic?

    Awaiting the next episode 🙂

    1. Those are two really good questions and I think the answer to both is “probably???”

      The gold was reportedly returned but I think I read some suggestion that there were some questions and suspicions around that. I also remember reading that one ship sank but had its cargo recovered.

      Most mysteriously, I found a report for the Australian military suggesting that the sinking of the HMAS Sydney could have been associated with Operation Fish. When I dug further I concluded that was unlikely, but hey, I didn’t go check the wreckage myself…

  2. There’s still some bullion down in the Atlantic; the merchants’ route would have to be pinpointed in order to recover the merchandise. Like finding a needle in a haystack!

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