Life in Wendake vs. life in France

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  1. Hi Chris, I’m enjoying your work. For your reading I recommend Olive Dickason and Catherine Parr Traill, Susanna Moodie’s sister. She’s much more interested in her Aboriginal neighbours, and studied their knowledge of plants. Also, Garry Radison, Fine Day: Plains Cree warrior, shaman, and elder; and Garry Radison, Kapepamahchekwew, Wandering Spirit: Plains Cree war chief. Both are published in Yorkton, Saskatchewan by Smoke Ridge Books. Almighty Voice, by Frank W. Anderson, published by Frontier Publishing, 1971, is the heartbreaking story of a young warrior in conflict with white occupiers in Saskatchewan. I find, the world’s largest library catalogue, useful in finding authors and books. Thanks again for your work, and best wishes.

  2. Enjoying your site. But I do not believe that the word ‘Huron’ was originally derogatory. Rather it is an easily pronounced diminutive of Arendahronon. Similarly ‘Iroquois’ is a diminutive of Kayanerekowa, the law of peace constitution of that confederation. In Paris and Rome it was both heretical and revolutionary, very scary and worthy of suppression and quarantine. So, after 1632, a new ‘history’ of New France was written over the actual events of what happened. The earlier sources are much more reliable and harder to find.

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