The arrival of humans in the Americas

2 thoughts on “The arrival of humans in the Americas”

  1. I have my doubts regarding the Beringia theory: the climate their would have been hardly habitable according to some paleo-geologists. It would have been either a frigid desert or ice sheets, with the reason of lack of ice being the lack of moisture. Why would anyone cross a land where even the toughest omnivores would have trouble finding food, if they’re was any to begin with. Maybe they were following grazing herbivores…if they’re was something to graze to begin with. I think a boat theory would be more probable: at the time the sea level was lower, they would have been more islands to take breaks and the oceans at the time were full of fish and they would probably have access to edible algue and other types of sea-foods during the short summers, not to mention seals and berries.

  2. As for white supremists, it’s not as if the ancient Solutreans are anything like modern humans. And came there from central Asia which is the same area as the early Siberians who crossed the Bering Strait. But, ultimately, whether they accept it or not, all peoples originated somewhere in Africa millions of years ago. The fact that they refuse to learn or understand history and science does not change it. It only amplifies their ignorance.

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