Somewhere in the middle of nowhere: Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11

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  1. I enjoyed reading this Chris. We saw the show in Toronto just after Christmas. I wondered if it would go down well in the States, glad it is such a success. “Do Canadians know about this?” !!! My thought was “Do Americans know about this?” ! I wonder how many thought it was fiction….

    We have family in Gander – did you know that the entire cast of the show went to Gander before any stage production, and put on two performances (reasonably priced) just for the Gander population? All profits went to the fund set up for Gander students by many of the passengers. Also, there is now a big chunk of the WTC on display in Gander airport.

  2. Come From Away is a phenomenal musical, crafted with love and the utmost care.
    David & Irene’s own 9/11 story, as residents at an International student house for graduate students, in Manhattan, their microcosm of the world, makes the story even more poignant. I love David’s explanation about it being a 9/12 story and Fred Roger’s telling kids in times of trouble to look for the helpers. A more beautiful explanation may not exist. It’s been a six year journey for David and Irene; it’s been over two years for most of the cast.
    A correction- Gander was not the first presentation b
    As a commercial production. The musical as basically presented now began in May, 2015, @ljplayhouse in LaJolla/San Diego. That is where we first fell in love with it. We are eternally grateful to Great Big Sea for the email telling us about the play, and Bob Hallety’s role.
    From there it went to Seattle, then to @FordsTheatre in Washington DC, where they performed for their first large group of survivors, first responders, and their families.
    They invited the them
    to their first performance. They wanted to make sure they honored them. The attendees, while apprehensive, left feeling lighter, more fully healed. It was a Cathartic event for them. We saw it again on 10 Sept 2016 in that storied, intimate theatre.
    Then they went to Gander, to honor the people whose lives they were representing. They were blown away by the THUNDEROUS reception, from the very first “I am an Islander” in the intro til well after the arena was empty.
    Then the played Toronto and on to Broadway where we celebrated our anniversary by seeing two matinees in early June.
    Do Americans know this story? Some of us did thanks to Tom Brokaw’s human interest story from the Vancouver Olympics.
    More are learning it every day.

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