A brief history of eugenics and sexual sterilization in Canada

5 thoughts on “A brief history of eugenics and sexual sterilization in Canada”

  1. I heard a long debate about eugenics and sexual sterilization in Canada, but it still did not make any sense to me. It is probably due to my own ignorance, but it is really hard.

  2. Canada has a long history of racial abuse and corruption and if you think everything is alright now think again

  3. Really liked your brief but deep history of this topic. Well done! My only concern is your statement about AGB, “a Scottish-born American sometimes claimed by Canada” – For your edification, because I think it’s very important for people who are sharing historical information to be knowledgeable of their topic – He came to Canada with his parents in 1870 (Brantford Ontario to be exact), invented the first working telephone 1876, Bell Telephone Company 1877, AT&T in 1885, and when he passed on he was at his home in Baddeck on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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