Werewolves of Quebec

On Halloween, Canadiana, “a web series on the hunt for the most incredible stories in Canadian history,” posted a story about a French Canadian The Werewolf:

In the 1760s, strange reports began to appear in a French-Canadian newspaper. There was, according to the Gazette de Québec, a vicious beast preying on the population of the colony: a werewolf was on the loose.

The story was appropriate for Halloween, but also for a time when there is a lot of discussion about trust in news and media. The credulity of these Gazette dispatches about a werewolf surprised me. But I guess people of every time believe strange things that their media in turn reflect.

Adam Bunch of Canadiana assembled these tweets to tell the story. For more like this, follow Adam and Canadiana on Twitter.

More people should know this:

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