9 things I learned from Chelsea Vowel’s “Indigenous Writes”

13 thoughts on “9 things I learned from Chelsea Vowel’s “Indigenous Writes””

  1. Outstanding and illuminating. As I said we’re following your writing in my class and they’re going to be so pleased with this post as it echoes some of the learning we’re doing – you should check out Kairos Canada and the work they’re doing, especially the Blanket Exercise which teaches Canadian history not taught to us. The idea that you had a better chance of surviving as a soldier in WWII (1 in 26) than a residential school (1 in 25) is something my students find truly insane about it all.

  2. You say “I don’t know how to write an actual book review.” I say, you just did write an actual book review. Thank you.

  3. Excellent article Chris! I am loving her book- she is brilliant and wickedly funny- dangerous combination😊

  4. This is a great review! I’ve been searching for a review of this book from someone in its intended audience – that is, someone who doesn’t already know and/or spend a good chunk of their time dealing with and thinking about Indigenous issues in Canada. This was perfect and are the same sort of things I learned too.

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