Canada is 150 years old

4 thoughts on “Canada is 150 years old”

  1. One thing i have in common with many 39 year old Indigenous people is that we were both born here. So am i still a settler? Do i not belong here, because of where my parents came from? Should people who were here before me get to call the shots, and determine how much right i have to be here?

    If so, does that mean i get to call the shots for immigrants, or for people born here who are younger than me, because i was here before they were? This is how some Indigenous people are arguing. If you extrapolate those arguments, they’re untenable, and racist (…if you believe that racism is possible regardless of power/high status. And i do.) You wouldn’t accept me saying that refugees should be *grateful* that i allow them to live here. Likewise, i don’t accept that same attitude from Indigenous extremists.

    Someone got on your case for not capitalizing “Indigenous.” i’m here to get on your case for calling me a “settler.” Please don’t. i’m a native-born son of this place, and you can’t send me back to where i came from, because i didn’t come from anywhere else.

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